Episode 83: Rich Pinder


This week I chat it up with Rich Pinder of the Anti-Semantic Podcast. Plus, this week A Moment from Matt, sad bastard posts, fake advice for new comics and some other great podcasts you should check out. I am also doing a new segment that does not have a name, but it has to do with great advice I hear on other podcasts. This week Alex Falcone and Vilmos talk about video submisions to contests and festivals on the Mentorist. Also, check out the show on Blacksky Radio Wed. at 7 PM Central time or on Stitcher Radio. Feel free to email me at hey_snowflake@yahoo.com or catch me on twitter @hey_snowflake. Also, check out the Comedy A-Go-Go on facebook and now on Youtube [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sda6JXzvuPc&feature=plcp]

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